Welcome to the I Really Like NJ Blog

Welcome to the I Really Like NJ Blog

Jersey Josh 

The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The Empire State... complete with a visit to Times Square, The Empire State Building, The Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Rockefeller Center ... so many great landmarks and attractions that make people happily exclaim "I Love New York". A place that people dream of going to. A place where everything is bigger and better.  Just one visit can change a person's life and make them truly fall in love with greatness of New York! 

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... We get it. So let's move on to what we are actually here for. This is a blog about New Jersey.

  Ahhhh yes... New Jersey. The Garden State. Little brother to our northern neighbor New York. Just over the bridge from The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Famous for our turnpike exits and oil refineries. The state that gave us stars such as Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston and Frank Sinatra. The location of the first recorded baseball game and the Miss America Pageant. And of course home of the Jersey Shore! And, most importantly, our home.   

  People from New Jersey are a special blend. Mix hardworking with a little attitude and add in a bit of wit with a ton of sarcasm to get your typical New Jerseyan. Known as "Jersey Girls" or "Jersey Boys" we constantly put up with "jersey shore" jokes and people making fun of our accents(yes, we call it wooder). We like to let people know the differences between North Jersey and South Jersey and we take pride in and defend our choice of breakfast meats. It's probably true that we suffer from a slight inferiority complex with NY. Many native New Jerseyans "escape" to the bright lights of our bigger city neighbors or go south to a enjoy a slower, more rural lifestyle but one thing is certain, no matter where we end up, we always look back and think fondly of the place we grew up.

New Jersey may always have our hearts BUT as many of us know, sometimes the word LOVE can be a little strong. That's why with the humor and sarcasm only a true New Jerseyan can understand, we've settled on "I Really Like NJ".  

With this blog we will attempt to explore a little bit of what makes us "Really Like" NJ.  We want to take a look at the little things that make NJ great. We will visit towns, businesses and events throughout the state and see what makes them special. We will also try to highlight some of the cool, interesting or even a little weird(because we know Being Weird is Cool!) people that we meet along our journey!

So now comes your part of the mission. Have a favorite Jersey town? Know someone who makes things happen in Jersey? Have a favorite Jersey food spot? Let us know! We are taking suggestions and can't wait to hear from you! Reach out on our Facebook page to submit your idea today.