About I Really Like NJ


The I Really Like NJ Symbol

The symbol declares the love (or at least the like) we have for our home state. The song talks about all the people and places that “make a town a town”. Over the past ten years, this kitschy combination has inspired a grassroots campaign to celebrate the towns we are from and the funny and fabulous people who reside in them.


I Really Like Nj Tee Shirt


How it Began

The I Really Like NJ symbol was inspired by The New Jersey Song, written by the Sara O’Brien Band in 2002. Sara O’Brien grew up in southern New Jersey. At 18 she moved far, far away and swore to never return. After enduring years of turnpike and oil refinery jokes she found herself defending the Garden State. Shortly after, The New Jersey Song was born.  The song is a tribute to the people, places, humor and characters of her home state. The song inspired a vision, and graphic designer John Crawford made that vision a reality. What started off as a logo for a “band t-shirt,” representing the sarcastic love we have for NJ, transformed into a campaign inspiring pride, community and collaborative arts projects.


The Community Rocks! Cause

Portions of the sales of all I Really Like NJ and related merchandise benefit Community Rocks!: Music, Arts, Fitness & Outreach Programs empowering kids, families and everyday folks to make a difference in their communities. Community Rocks! Corp. is a 501C3 non-profit organization.